Thoughts on 320 Crimson Doubles “Free Ghost”

So Bungie has decided to hand out a 320 Ghost to anyone who legitimately finished 7 matches in their limited time Crimson Doubles play list.  While they are attempting to make it up to players because the drop rate of ghosts was not at the level they expected.

My take is that players realized that since there was no effect on drops based off your performance and started just suicide as soon as they spawned, that Bungie used this free 320 Ghost as a way to curb that practice and make the playlist fun again.    While I applaud Bungie for making the playlist fun again, I’m not sure awarding a ghost was the best way to do it.  My issue is that to get this ghost you really don’t have to do anything except play.  At least with challenge mode on the King’s Fall RAID you have to complete a specific objective.  Here you just play 7 matches and get one of the most sought after non-weapon items in the game.

I’m not a huge fan of the RNG as it sits, I’d love to see some sort of factor where being highest on team, winning a match or doing a strike without dying could slightly increase your odds of getting a decent drop.

In the end I’ll gladly take my ghost, but wouldn’t have blinked an eye if they had never promised me one.


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