Oryx Challenge Mode Guide

Original Source (with my edits) https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/401p1f/assorted_tips_for_oryx_challenge_mode/

1- Ideally, you’ll want at least 2 titans, at least 1 hunter, and at least 1 warlock. Explanation to follow.

2 – Ideally everyone should have their supers up before starting the fight, but if not everyone, at least a hunter and a warlock should have theirs.

3 – Start the fight and have someone stand next to where the spark is to attract the enemies that spawn (so they’re clustered together). When they’re all clustered have the Hunter (or both Hunters) tether them.

3.1 – Hunters should be running Blood Bound and Light of the pack to maximize orb creation.

3.2 – Hunters should be standing on the middle of the daughters platforms to ensure the orbs are created in that area.

4 – Have the WARLOCK activate their super and kill the taken thrall. This will make extra orbs.

5 – Have both titans on the middle between platforms. One with weapons of light(optional), another with blessing of light (obviously running illuminated and bastion). Activate ward of dawn right after oryx slams. Melt ogres as usual.  Typically I’ve seen groups do fine with just blessings, but many feel safer with weapons as well.  Blessings will allow you to stay alive while using your Touch of Malice.  I personally do NOT prime my touch (start on final round in mag), but again that is a strategy that many like to follow.

6 – Players in the platforms help out killing their ogres with a grenade and then move to the edge of the platform nearest to the Ogre spawn and crouch. This will give them the most protection from enemy ads. From this position, turn to the knight spawn and kill it.  It is always best to communicate when your knights fall or if you are having issues with taking them out.  (ie.  Knight 1 down,  Knight 2 still up)

7 – Guardians on the front platforms (the ones closest to Oryx spawn): after you kill your knights, turn your atention to acolyte eyes and – especially – the ship. You don’t want to die to the freaking axion bolt. Ideally you would two shot headshot your knight and then snipe the acolyte eyes.

8 – After clearing all knights and staggering oryx, kill only the ads that are shooting you. Do NOT shoot the taken thrall. Let them come to you. When they are close, have the hunters tether them again. Orbs for days.  You should wait until the thrall are in the aura to tether to ensure you get the maximum thrall count.

9 – Before shade phase, the titan running weapons should switch to blessing. Switch back to weapons after shade is killed.  If you are running just blessings on the Ogres I would just have both titans always on blessings.

10 – Shade phase: first titan in puts up a blessing. The amount of orbs in the middle should be more than enough to ensure that he will get his super again in time.

11 – In the shade step, once you have a blessing, you can use the touch of malice like titans do with the ogres. (Use bonus bullet for extra damage, spend your shield, dip in again to replenish shield)

12 – When shade charges, have everyone dip in the blessing. That should be enough to ensure survival even if it hits.

13 – When shade charges, have the warlock “challenge” it while others run to the edges of the dome. Even if the warlock gets hit and dies, he can self-res. Alternatively, if someone is using sword (like the runner), the slam can be blocked.

Rinse and repeat steps and follow tips 5-13 until you have all 16 bombs.

14 – For detonation, have someone (preferably the relic holder) do a countdown after killing ads. Detonators head for the bombs when countdown begins but do NOT enter the bombs before the countdown reaches zero.  You CANNOT take too much time on the adds.  Oryx’s chest will only stay open for a short time, focus the add killing to acolyte eyes and centurions as they are the most dangerous.

15 – If any of the bombs gets eaten, do not wipe. Do an extra round instead.

16 – If any of the titans is low level or if you want to boost damage to the ogres, have the titan on a platform instead, but make sure he leave his ward of dawn in the middle before going to his assigned platform.

17 – Have one of the players in the middle responsible for the 4th knight. That doesn’t mean others can’t help, but while others can be occupied killing the vessel or whatever, this player should make the knight his priority and ignore everything else until he’s dead. Ideally, use a machinegun to quickly dispose of him as soon as he is visible.

18 – The guardian on the BACK LEFT platform can have a better view of his knight spawning if he’s in the edge of the platform OPPOSITE to the ogre, so he can go there to kill his knight before going to the opposite edge and avoid enemy fire as per tip #6. However the guardian on the BACK RIGHT platform should only go there if he’s platform holder #1, otherwise the ads that spawn after the back left ogre is dead can easily kill him.

19 – Runner should use a sword if it doesn’t drop his/her LL too much. A sword will increase your armor and will help taking out the vessel. Also, sword can block the shade slam and his user will survive.  If the vessel makes it to the middle the runner should call it out to allow others to help as you don’t want to chase the vessel away from the area where you will need the aura to stagger oryx.