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\\ _ +D2 WEEKLY RESET FIGYURES+ _ // — ** 08/14/18 – 08/20/18 ** — ~’SOLSTICE OF HEROES’~ +fe- IRON – BANNER -fe+ // Prestige Raid Lairs Gladiator: Melee kills buff weapon damage, and weapon kills buff melee damage. LOADOUT: Kinetic: Hand Cannon Energy: SMG Power: Grenade Launcher // NF: A Garden World SECRET LOOT:

@Bungie RNG is totally broken

I’m not sure what kind of RNG Bungie is using for their Public Event spawns, but it certainly is NOT straight random.  There has to be other modifiers at play in what event spawns.  I’m not sure why you would not want public events to be totally random, but apparently Bungie doesn’t like full RNG.

Whisper of the Worm – Is this a whisper of things to come?

So the first round of the Whisper of the Worm quest is over, and my thoughts are mixed.  First, you have a cool new gun that everyone wants.  Second, you have RNG teamed with a pretty grueling mission. Event Spawn Rate: Here is the problem for me.  Having the mission availability be tied to RNG

Destiny 2 lot system opinion

I’ll start by giving my feedback on the recent Forbes article’s take on Destiny’s current loot system and add in some additonal opinions afterwards. Reference: Forbes  Engrams I think that the Engram system needs some work, but I’m far off from saying it should be done away with.  If you eliminate the engram system you


ReCap Bungie April update Preview: March 23rd @11AM PST

Wow, Bungie clarified ALOT for us today. Light level will increase to 335 Max, we’ll be getting new bounties, quest lines and missions plus a new strike featuring Malok (Muh-Lock)  as well as a revamped version of the Archon Priest Strike. We are definitely getting a revamped version of the Prison of Elders with a

Awesome job – Team 3 mans Oryx Challenge on Hard Mode

I won’t go through the whole story here, you can read TheGreatGatsby’s post on Reddit, but congrats to him and his team (Gatsby, CommanderCuesta, Senior Snubby) on finding a way to complete the challenge mode with only 3 guardians.   The premise is that they found two spots where they could stack the blights that

Thoughts on 320 Crimson Doubles “Free Ghost” So Bungie has decided to hand out a 320 Ghost to anyone who legitimately finished 7 matches in their limited time Crimson Doubles play list.  While they are attempting to make it up to players because the drop rate of ghosts was not at the level they expected. My take is that players realized that

Destiny Memes

Here are some Memes that I created based around experiences I’ve had while playing Destiny.  Feel free to shoot me any ideas you might have and I’ll see about adding more content along the way!

Oryx Challenge Mode Guide

Original Source (with my edits) 1- Ideally, you’ll want at least 2 titans, at least 1 hunter, and at least 1 warlock. Explanation to follow. 2 – Ideally everyone should have their supers up before starting the fight, but if not everyone, at least a hunter and a warlock should have theirs. 3 –