Destiny 2 loot system opinion

I’ll start by giving my feedback on the recent Forbes article’s take on Destiny’s current loot system and add in some additonal opinions afterwards.

Reference: Forbes 

  • Engrams

I think that the Engram system needs some work, but I’m far off from saying it should be done away with.  If you eliminate the engram system you are really removing the need for the cryptarch.  At this point in the games evolution it would not be consistent to remove that piece of the experience.

  • Exotic / Legendary System

Removing the 1 Exotic rule would be detrimental to the game’s loot system.  While it’s argued that this limit forces you to choose a select few items that you will use, it then forces you to look for Legendaries that are fun to use as well.  Allowing a full load out of exotics would create two tiers of players, the haves and have nots.    With the vase number of perks available on Legendary gear trying to have a separate PvP and PvE balance of inventory would be ridiculous.   Imagine how easy it would be to run strikes and raids with full load outs of Exotic weapons/armor?  The only real way to resolve this would be to introduce either a dificulty modifier based on the number of exotic items equipped, or to have a higher difficulty settings.  Neither of these should reward you over the normal/hard settings, as that would introduce another obstacle beyond light/level that would be needed to earn end game rewards.

  • Gear Sets

Couldn’t agree more that having Gear that actually has a significant impact on game play is something that really make items worth working for.  Beyond the simple I/D/S rolls and perks, having task specific perks make gear really worth collecting.  RAID gear has always seemed to have these perks, such as WoTM gear dealing extra damage to Fallen enemy types, taking less damage when holding the Siva charges etc.  I think that Destiny has made some great strides in having gear sets actually be useful and have a purpose.  I’d love to see this expand where collecting all gear in a set earns more than just a shader, maybe unlock another perk, require all pieces to equip?  Have some fun with it and give even more purpose to collecting.

  • Mannequins / Treasure Room


  • Perk Trees