ReCap Bungie April update Preview: March 23rd @11AM PST

Wow, Bungie clarified ALOT for us today.

Light level will increase to 335 Max, we’ll be getting new bounties, quest lines and missions plus a new strike featuring Malok (Muh-Lock)  as well as a revamped version of the Archon Priest Strike.

We are definitely getting a revamped version of the Prison of Elders with a Level 41 recommended light 260 that has matchmaking along with a level 42 “Challenge Mode” recommended light 320 which requires a purchased passage called a Sigil similar to Trials of Osiris.  The level 41 Prison will have a chest at the end which does NOT require a treasure key and will give gear that is upto 320 light.  For the challenge you will basically have 3 rounds against bosses where they will give three modifiers.  The challenge is score based, where score is cumulative among the fireteam.  There will be no matchmaking in this mode.  Your Sigil will have a Cumulative score and High score goal for the week.  The high score goal (30k) will reward players with a weapon, while the cumulative score goal (90k) will reward you with an armor.  Challenge bosses will be a mix of 4 new taken bosses along with the old Prison of Elders bosses, but with a few new tricks up their sleeves.  Bosses should remain the same through the week.  Challenge reinforcements will be triggered based on boss health levels and will come in 5 waves.  After each round of challenge you will receive a multiplier on the next rounds bonuses.

Playstation players will receive an exclusive quest with reward as well.

I’ll update this post as I review my notes.