Awesome job – Team 3 mans Oryx Challenge on Hard Mode

I won’t go through the whole story here, you can read TheGreatGatsby’s post on Reddit, but congrats to him and his team (Gatsby, CommanderCuesta, Senior Snubby) on finding a way to complete the challenge mode with only 3 guardians.   The premise is that they found two spots where they could stack the blights that would leave them safe from the Vessel (blind spots) once they figured that out it was a matter of getting the Ogres to move to the right areas.  These guys make it look pretty straight forward, but anyone who has played Destiny knows this is not the case!

Reddit Post by Gatsby  —  3-Manning Oryx Challenge Mode (Hard)

This challenge was completed by Gatsby, CommanderCuesta, and Senior Snubby.

Gatsby’s PoV: <—–Awesome Sauce guy

CommanderCuesta’s PoV: Oh look it’s the guy in the legend himself clan who think’s he’s cool because he’s good at the game. I’m better. Right? Jk I’m trash compared to this god-

Senior Snubby’s PoV: Sadly, this casual forgot to record his PoV, so just imagine a 16 year old British kid shooting aliens and cracking jokes. He was the real MvP at the end.

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